JavaScript or JS for short, the magical language that turns a plain page into a data processor.

When it comes to websites, there are 3 main components to make it all work.


Hyper Text Markup Language

Think of HTML as layout. Blocking out sections such as a navigation bar, header, footer etc. This is the fundamental building block of any website.


“Cascading Style Sheets”

This is what makes everything look the way it does. You can think of CSS as all the colours, shapes, the look of a website



This is the logic of the website. Using JS you can validate forms, you can create actions on a button press, upload a file, change data. You can even use JS to change the layout of the website by changing the HTML!

There will be further tutorials on both CSS and HTML, however this series is focused on JavaScript.

We will go throught the basics of where and how you write can write the code in this series. Learn about the basics of variables in JavaScript all the way up to more advanced topics like Asynchronous Functions! There will be several “Projects” along the way you can attempt to do. The “Solution” code will be available on the site as well.

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