Software used

Please note I am not affiliated with any of the below software companies or anything related to them. These recommendations are my personal opinion.

While you are able to write code in many different applications, below I will list some the tools I use. Not just for coding but general use in the space.


Integrated Development Environment.

There are plenty to choose from, from full fledged IDEs to light weight text editors. This is more down to personal preference than anything else.

For JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. My top pick is Visual Studio Code also known as VS Code. It’s lightweight, has support for many languages, easy and straightforward to use, plus you can add extensions to it to further increase its usefulness. Best of all, it’s free!

If you want more features, you can look at anything from JetBrains they offer many different programs and IDEs. Most of it paid for, but they offer some fantastic programs.


Planning out a program before you start coding makes everything so much easier. My personal choice of program is previously known as They offer a web based service as well as a desktop app. Personally prefer using the desktop version. You can do almost any visual representation of Databases, code classes, mind maps, flow charts and whatever else you can imagine. Of course, it’s also free!

Note Taking

Here there are many options. Ranging from notepad to fully fledged wikis. Below are my picks.

Notion – Note taking wiki app that’s cloud based. My favourite pick. Has collaborative options. Teams etc. Has free and paid for options.

Obsidian – If privacy is a concern, obsidian is locally stored and minimalist. Has a really rad animation of how all your notes are connected. Is also free!

Joplin – Lots of features, wiki app also stored locally. However you can connect it to your one drive. Is also free!

Notepad++ – A text editor that can be used as a code editor and much more. Is also free!

Sublime Text – Lightweight text editor with syntax highlighting. Sleek and modern looking. Is also free!